The Devil’s prayer by Luke Gracias review

The bookish tales.

The devil’s prayer is an exciting book based on the thirteenth century conspiracy between the Mongols and the Papal Inquisition.

I had absolutely no knowledge about the history, but I think I enjoyed the book to some extent. This book gave me The Da Vinci code vibes at times.

A nun commits suicide in a bell tower in Spain. Her daughter and our protagonist, Siobhan Russo, needs to understand what caused her mother to vanish 6 years ago. She arrives in Zamora, where her mother lived. She is in constant danger the moment she sets foot in Zamora.

Siobhan uncovers a confession book left behind for her by her mother that describes the deal she made with the Devil years ago.

There is an ancient text called The Devil’s prayer hidden inside that has caused the havoc and destruction for centuries.

Siobhan’s mother who had taken the Vow of Silence…

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