The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias

The Kansan Reader

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 293
Series: Stand-alone
Rating: 4.5


I received my copy of this off of NetGalley.

***Spoilers are in this review. Nothing major but still. Read at your own risk***

What would it take for you to make a deal with the devil?

Part 1:

Siobhan has just found out that her mother Denise Russo has died. Her mother had disappeared six years ago from Siobhan and her little sister’s, Jess, life. A priest has sought out Siobhan to give her her mother’s bible at her mother’s last request. In the bible there was a note for Siobhan to go to Zamora, Spain.

When Siobhan gets to Zamora, everyone she encounters tells her to leave Zamora. Once she gets to the convent Mother Superior Margret tells her to leave at once. A sister talks the Mother Superior to letting Siobhan stay the night but leave at first…

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